Husch and Husch Fertilizer and Chemical Products

Husch & Husch Inc. offers a full range of conventional and organic fertilizers, micro nutrients, and ag chemicals that will enhance and add value to your crops or lawn and garden. Husch & Husch provides custom blends, custom application, bulk products, dry bulk, bagged products, custom lawn fertilizer; as well as a variety of other nutrients, herbicides and pesticides. Husch & Husch offers direct buy Liquid Calcium Nitrate products and mixes for grower simplicity as well as specific needs, especially for orchards and vineyards.

Chemical Products

Full spectrum liquid and dry fertilizers, custom blends, and Pure line blends to meet all of your crop nutrient needs.

Organic Products

Fertilizer, Soil Amendments, Pest Control, Limestone and Minors

* Due to the extensive and ever growing list of organic products, we are limited to the number of products we can list on this page. Please consult your sales representative or call the office at 509.848.2951 for more details.

* Check with your certifying agency to confirm allowed products.