Husch and Husch Fertilizer and Chemical Services

Team members at Husch & Husch Inc. are fully trained, licensed and certified in their specific areas of expertise to give you professional advice on all your fertilzer and chemical questions.

Consulting Services

  • Pest Identification and Control
  • Field Scouting
  • Soil, Tissue, Nematode and Water Sampling
  • Pesticide, Fertilizer and Organic Product Recommendations
  • GPS and Site Specific Mapping

Application Services

  • Dry Air Flow Applicators - Variable Rate Technology Dual Application Capability Plus Seeding
  • GPS Guided Precision Application Field Sprayers
  • Liquid Fertilizer Application
  • Fertigation
  • Pesticide Application
  • Fan, Row Crop, and Pull Spreaders
  • DryLand Ammonia/Aqua Injection
  • Sprayer Calibration Information
    -  TeeJet Calibration Calculator
  • Raven GPS precision application systems and custom application maps.